OUR ‘HOUSE BLEND‘ IS MODELLED ON THE TABLE SPICES IN TURKISH CAFES. It’s a new way of seasoning – instead of liberally salting food, or mindlessly putting pepper on everything, the House Blend is warm, fruity, spiced… utterly delicious! 

It contains Aleppo Pepper Pul Biber (notes of sundried tomatoes), Urfa Pul Biber (warm and raisin-like) and Cured Sumac (salty and lemony): a Holy Trinity!

Though the tin had a permanent place on our table for some months, it sparked inspiration when doing a hand-building evening at Crown Works Pottery, so we made the perfect receptacle for our ‘Third Table Spice’.

When so much effort goes into making a plate of food, it’s odd that seasoning is often limited to just salt or pepper. It’s much more fun having a third option – the House Blend is fruity, hot, colourful – I urge you to give it a go, and spice-up simple dishes with just a pinch! 

Buy our House Blend (from £2.95) by clicking HERE

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