Old tin to new tin

There has been such a great response from our loyal customers since our relaunch over Easter, so firstly THANK YOU. This does however pose a tricky question. Now you have our range of beautiful new tins, what should you do with your old ones?

At Rooted Spices we are always trying our best to have an environmental conscience and we recognise that by buying our new range means you will potentially have 2 tins for one spice. So we have come up with some ideas of how to re-use and upcycle your old ones!

Use your tins to grow plants:

Either for sowing seedlings for those garden herbs you plan to grow this Spring, or as a nursery for your off-cuts to nurture new plants – our tins make a stylish, small plant pot!

For dog treats…

The perfect size to slip in your bag or jacket pocket on those summer evening dog walks. Dogs love to hear the rattle of the treats so if you use this you’ll have your dog on its way to Crufts in no time. This one certainly is…

As a pen holder (or other trinkets):

Not much explanation needed here. A classy way to hold a few pens or other small items lying around on your desk. Could also be great for loose buttons and other small trinkets.

As a candle holder:

Add it to your table to make a funky tea light holder and bring something different to the dinner party. If you happen to own a drill, why not get creative and add small holes or a hanging mechanism so it can hang in the trees outside?

Had a bright idea about how to reuse your old tins?

Send in your ideas to @rootedspices on Instagram or hello@rootedspices.com.

Want to see what all the noise about our beautiful new tins is? Click here.

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