Collaboration: Climpson & Sons

We’re very proud to announce a new collaboration with neighbourhood coffee company, Climpson & Sons.

Climpson & Sons are a pioneer in London’s coffee scene. Their range of ‘Single Origin’ beans are exquisite and they’re a cornerstone of the local community here in East London. They couldn’t have been more supportive of what we’re doing here at Rooted Spices — after all we’ve always looked to the progress in coffee, tea, chocolate … and wondered why spices got left behind!

So, I’m excited to reveal that we’ve collaborated on a ‘Brunch Blend‘. It’s a mix of Turkish Black Urfa Chilli and Turkish sumac, which is not only ideal for sprinkling over avocado toast, cream cheese bagels, Turkish Eggs, shakshuka … but it’s also a perfect pairing with Climpson & Son’s Estate coffee .

The Brunch Blend compliments a lot of the flavour notes in the coffee: acidity from the sumac with raisin and cacao detectable in the Black Urfa Chilli (a little-known spice in the UK but a favourite amongst chefs). So embrace big flavours, and start the day right!

Gift Box, £20 (contains 1 x 250g Estate coffee and 1 x 35g tin of Brunch Blend).

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