‘Single Origin’ quite simply means that our spices come from one region, which we believe has the best growing conditions, the ideal climate and local expertise to produce the best tasting spices possible.

‘Single Origin’ is a term used in coffee and chocolate production, but the labelling of spices is incredibly vague – just rattle through some of the jars in your spice cabinet to see how many say ‘produce of more than one country’ or simply ‘packed in the UK’. Instead, we have tracked down chilli from Kashmir and turmeric from the West coast of India, Sri Lankan cinnamon and specialist Turkish chillies – where traditional production methods are still used.

Most of our products are organically grown, but not all of them are officially recognized. As importers of products which come from farms all over the world we find that the ‘organic’ certification opens a can of worms. It’s a complicated and expensive process for small farms to sign up to – instead we work closely with trustworthy suppliers who follow best practice.

Once a spice has been ground, it will start to lose its potency which is why we always recommend grinding whole spices, where possible. This doesn’t always apply – some varieties like whole
turmeric and allspice berries will break home blenders and need industrial milling.

Although freshly-ground is best, of course we know that speed is of the essence when throwing together mid-week meals. It’s why we stock most of our core range in pre-ground format.

Sunlight bleaches spices which are stored in glass, which is why it’s best to keep them in a tin caddy.

Avoid heat and moisture by finding a spot which isn’t too near the oven, but which is still close enough to grab a pinch when inspiration strikes.

Our range of spice blends is a combination of classic recipes and our own unique spice blends — recipes we have developed here at Rooted Spices HQ. We are always looking to collaborate and add to these so if you have any requests please get in touch!

We think that spices should be bought in small amounts and replenished often – rather than big bags which linger for decades.

Our tin spice caddies contain a good amount of spices to get you going. If there are any particular varieties which you find yourself getting through quickly, then our double-size refills will provide you with two-tins’ worth of spices. They are packaged in opaque, food-safe bags with a seal to help keep them fresh.

There’s no single answer to this question. You can’t go wrong with a pestle and mortar (I have a lovely, large one from Nisbets, which is great for making batches of paste in too).

A coffee grinder is also a very efficient piece of kit for grinding dry spices – just make sure you clean it thoroughly if you’re using it to grind coffee beans too!

Any allergens are highlighted in bold in the ingredients list for each product. Strict anti-cross contamination procedures are followed by us and our suppliers but our spices are packed in a warehouse that handles nuts and sesame.

If you are interested in stocking our single origin spices and unique spice blends then please contact us at hello@rootedspices.com and we will provide more information.

Each tin is 44 x 44 x 67mm high. The square base means they pack neatly onto shelves and optimize space.

Each gift box is 148 x 148 x 70mm, with dividers to accommodate 9 spice tins.

Our delivery terms are 2-4 days. At this stage we do not offer an other options for delivery. Orders over £45 qualify for FREE DELIVERY. See Delivery and Returns page for further details.

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