If your spice cupboard is exploding with jars which date back to the late-nineties, then don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Over half Brits have put up their hands and described their spice collection as ‘cluttered’ – so why not make today the day that you spring clean your spices, and start again from scratch.

Old spices aren’t harmful, but they quickly lose their potency, making them redundant. It’s best to have small pots of spices which are used frequently and then replenished. A tin caddy is the ideal way to store spices – not just because the square shapes neatly sit alongside each other, but also because they protect spices from being sun-bleached and losing their potency.

If yours has been a spice cupboard of shame, we would recommend starting again from scratch. What we wouldn’t recommend is buying more than a few spices to start with. Slim down your spice range, and start using a few spices more frequently before growing your collection. There’s no need to be prescriptive – cumin isn’t just for a curry – but sprinkle some over roast carrots, add it to a yoghurt-based marinade, toss it through roast chickpeas.

Using spices shouldn’t be a novelty. It’s how they become dusty jars, shamefully tucked away at the back of the cupboard. Having fresh, quality spices should encourage you to start using them more frequently. Experiment and enjoy cooking with them on a daily basis – and you’ll soon reap the benefits of a slick and freshly spring-cleaned spice cupboard.

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