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    We know that not all spices are born equal ...

    Where they grow has a huge impact on their taste – so we have compiled a range of 'Single Origin Spices' to challenge dusty jars of lacklustre spices, listed as coming ‘from countries of multiple origins’.

    There’s Kashmiri chilli which brings authentic flavour and a deep red sheen to a curry ... plump Turkish fennel which has swelled under a Mediterranean sun ... tightly furled Sri Lankan cinnamon sticks which bring a natural sweetness to dishes.

    We have also started blending spices. Try our easy-to-use Daal Blend, spike a porridge with our Golden Blend and always keep the House Blend centre stage – our bestseller has been dubbed ‘The Third Table Spice’ such is its ability to improve the taste of pretty much everything!

    When a pinch of something potent can make the world of difference, it makes no sense to scrimp on spices. So make today the day that you sort out your spice cabinet and start cooking with the best.

    Clara Glass (left) and Rachel Walker, founders of Rooted Spices ... & Tonka the dog


    Clara and Rachel met at school, and were united by a sense of adventure. At the age of 17 they persuaded their parents to let them travel together to Nepal, where they spent a fortnight cooking in an orphanage. Since then, they have travelled – and eaten – their way round the world, developing a taste for spice.

    Clara spent much of her twenties living overseas in Spain, Turkey and the Middle East. She spent a decade working in law before being lured down the Spice Route. Rachel has always worked in the world of food and drink, as an editor, writer and recipe developer. She is regular contributor to The Sunday Times, and continues to freelance across national publications – always writing about food and drink, always thinking with her stomach first.

    We are excited that our tins feature a cyanotype of some of our spices, created by Angela Chalmers. With thanks also Studio91 Design for helping turn our dream into a reality.