The Ultimate Chicken Mayo Sandwich (feat. zaatar)

This might be controversial – because everyone has their own way of going about a Chicken Sandwich, but after years of chicken-sandwich-eating-and-experimenting, I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring.

Firstly, the bread. It’s important not to scrimp on the filling, so it’s going to be weighty and will require a vehicle of substance to hold everything together. Farmhouse loaf isn’t going to cut it – which is why I recommend thick-sliced toasted sourdough or mini ciabatta. Next, the chicken. I’ve never once purposefully cooked chicken for a sandwich – so I’ll take whatever is left over from a roast, but my preference is always with leg or thigh over breast, purely because it’s juicier and more flavoursome.

The plain yoghurt addition willl be highly controversial amongst purists, but I find that it makes things a bit lighter, healthier, more ‘lunchtime’ and without the snooze-inducing richness which comes from going too big on mayo. Finally, the Zaatar is a beautiful, herbal addition which elevates this sandwich from something quite basic to something really quite special. Don’t know it ’til you’ve tried it!



2 slices of sourdough or 2 mini ciabattas, toasted
2 chicken legs, cooked (or breasts – down to preference)
4tbsp mayonnaise
2tbsp plain yoghurt
1.5tsp za’atar (occasionally some finely-sliced spring onions or parsley make it in too, depending on fridge leftovers)
Optional: avocado, radish, lettuce


Strip the chicken from the bone (or if using chicken breast, the cut into thin slices).
Mix together the mayonnaise and yoghurt and stir in the za’atar.

Heap onto the toasted sourdough or ciabatta and garnish with optional extras – avocado, radish, lettuce – finish with a final flourish of zaatar.

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