Breakfast of Kings: Sourdough, Egg and House Blend

“Egg on toast…” I hear you say.
“That’s no recipe!” Sure, it’s dubious, so let’s call it an introduction instead – an introduction to our House Blend. The inspiration for our signature blend initially came from the pinch pots on tables in Turkish cafes. The seasoning seemed so superior to anything we had in Britain. What, with salt being overused and poor quality pepper being so ubiquitous we figured that there was a space for something a bit more interesting.
So we came up with our House Blend, or the ‘Third Table Spice’ – as we’ve dubbed it, for the uncanny way the blend improves so many different dishes. It’s down to the gentle heat from the Aleppo Pul Biber, sweet molasses notes from the Urfa Pul Biber and a sharpness from our Cured Sumac, a holy trinity!
House Blend comes into its own on a weekend. That’s when we start getting lovely messages from friends who send us snaps of their breakfasts – fried eggs, boiled eggs, shakshuka – all with a hefty pinch of House blend. It’s great sprinkled over everything from roasted vegetables to avocado on toast, but eggs remain one of the best vehicles. So, we bring you the ‘breakfast of kings’, the strongest of starts to the weekend!


1 slice of quality bread
Olive oil
1 free-range egg
Butter, to spread
½ tsp Rooted Spices’ House Blend


Toast the slice of bread – though a toaster is, of course, ideal a pan or griddle is even better to get some streaks of black char on the bread.

Meanwhile, heat a good glug of olive oil in a frying pan and crack the egg into it. Let it sizzle away for a few minutes until the bubbles begin to set in the white and the base starts to crisp.

Spread the butter onto the warm toast. Ideally you will have found some hole-pocked sourdough so that you can spread the butter even thicker, using it a little like plaster to fill in the holes.

Put the hot egg on the slice of toast – so it starts to melt the butter – and then sprinkle over the House Blend.

spices used

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