Apple & ginger lollies with Shichimi Togarashi dip

This recipe using Shichimi Togarashi is from Ryan Riley & Kimberley Duke’s cookbook, Taste & Flavour. An an amazing resource which is free to download. It’s compiled by Life Kitchen – a cook school originally set-up for people with cancer, whose ability to taste has been affected by their treatment. The school helped during the Covid pandemic when people suffered loss of taste as a side effect.

The theory is to use five elements to help people to enjoy food again. These are aroma, umami, texture, layering, and trigeminal food sensations (the tingling, burning and cooling we get from spices). There’s no better example than these lollies which combine cold with hot. Warming ginger with our spicy Shichimi Togarashi spice blend.



300ml cloudy apple juice
50g golden caster (superfine) sugar
4-5cm fresh ginger, peeled and grated
Shichimi Togarashi, for dipping


Pour the apple juice into a small saucepan over medium heat and
add the sugar and grated ginger. Stir well for about 3–4 minutes, until
the sugar dissolves. Remove from the heat, allow to cool completely
(about 30 minutes), then pour the mixture into ice-lolly moulds.
Transfer the lollies to the freezer to set (about 3–4 hours).

To serve, run the moulds briefly under a hot tap, then remove the
lollies. Dip the ends into a bowl of the shichimi togarashi (or sprinkle
it over) for an extra flavour hit.

Taste & Flavour
by Ryan Riley & Kimberley Duke
Photography: Craig Robertson

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